The ear cleaning is an regular procedure in Ambershades. We usually clean our dogs’ ear once a week or more ofthen if necessary. We prefer to use oil-based cleansers for ear wax dissolution. The alcohol-based cleansers often dry the inside of the ear too much and cause itching.


Before the cleaning procedure it is necessary to remove excess hair from the ear canal mechanically. More than one year I had been thining of purchasing an  ear depilatory powder from Bio-Groom. Finally, last Thursday I bought it and we tested it last weekend.

The small bottle with aplicator contains white powder. You have to sprinkle the powder inside the ear canal, rub a little the ear from outside and then remove the excessive hair mechanically with fingers or the ear tweezer.


I was surprised pleasantly with the result – using the depilatory powder helped me to catch better the hair inside the ear (which usually slips), it was easier to tear the hair (and probably less unpleasant for the dogs) and it helped me definitively to remove most of the hair compared to just tearing without powder. Due to information on package the powder contains substances which help to keep the ear canal dry. I’m contented with this product.

Pudr depilační adstringentní Ear Fresh Bio-Groom 24g lze pořídit v e-shopech za cenu od (Zdroj:
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