Doxneo dry dogfood review

As mentioned in the previous post about testing the Marp dogfood, simultaneously with Marp we started to test other brand of dogfood – Doxneo Duck. We are testing two different dog foods because we have at home three different breeds of two different sizes and any of them has special requests.

Doxneo is also relatively new brand to the Czech market. It is a holistic dog food (grain-free) for reasonable price to me.


Ingredients: duck meal, potatoes, peas, beans, duck fat, salmon meal, flaxsee, beet pulp, eggs, vegetable oil, minearals, brewer’s yeast, chicory root, carrots, herbs (hip, sour apple, bedstraw, blueberries, rhubarb, garlic, birch bark, alfalfa, nettle leaves, dandelion root, egyptian chamomile, hawthorn leaves, juniper berries, nutshells, anise), vitamins.

The protein content is 28 %, fat 16%, fiber 4 %.

After almost two month of testing I may say we are contented with the food, skin and hair in excellent condition and the dogs happy  :).

Doxneo 1 – Duck 12 kg lze pořídit v e-shopech za cenu od (Zdroj:
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Marp dry dog food testing

We started to test two new brands of complete dry dog food. In this post I’m presenting the first one – Czech brand Marp produced in England. If it makes sense for me, I always try to choose Czech or European brands.

We have chosen the Natural product line, the recepture Farmland with duck meat. The decision took me a long time because the last time I changed the dog food it had bad impact for the hair because of a low fat content.


Ingredients: dryed duck meat, potatoes, peas, beet pulp, poultry fat, rewer’s yeast, flaxseed, vitamins a nd minerals. I mainly like the ingredients except closer non-specified poultry fat.

The protein content is 26 %, fat 12%, fiber 4 %. By choosing the food I was affraid a little of the relatively low fat content and relatively high fiber. After a month and a little I may say I’m pretty contented with the new food and also the dogs. The skind and the hair seems to be in an excellent condition.

Marp Natural Farmland Kachna & Brambory 12 kg lze pořídit v e-shopech za cenu od (Zdroj:
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