We started to test two new brands of complete dry dog food. In this post I’m presenting the first one – Czech brand Marp produced in England. If it makes sense for me, I always try to choose Czech or European brands.

We have chosen the Natural product line, the recepture Farmland with duck meat. The decision took me a long time because the last time I changed the dog food it had bad impact for the hair because of a low fat content.


Ingredients: dryed duck meat, potatoes, peas, beet pulp, poultry fat, rewer’s yeast, flaxseed, vitamins a nd minerals. I mainly like the ingredients except closer non-specified poultry fat.

The protein content is 26 %, fat 12%, fiber 4 %. By choosing the food I was affraid a little of the relatively low fat content and relatively high fiber. After a month and a little I may say I’m pretty contented with the new food and also the dogs. The skind and the hair seems to be in an excellent condition.

Marp Natural Farmland Kachna & Brambory 12 kg lze pořídit v e-shopech za cenu od (Zdroj: Heureka.cz)
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